i love a good evil queen

by eunji hong on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Charlize Theron, you are so beautiful it's frightening.  Honestly, the only reason I would go watch this movie is because of her.  I feel like she makes the perfect evil queen; cold, calculating, beautiful.  Makes me wonder if it's really reasonable for her to be jealous of Kristen Stewart... I mean, come on.

She recently attended the Snow White world premier wearing her staple, a Christian Dior couture gown from Spring 2012.  I love the sheerness of the dress and that you can slightly see her black hotpants underneath.  Her eyes are absolutely stunning and the green earrings provide a nice pop of color.  I feel like the green just adds to the mystique and it wouldn't be the same with any other color. 

Charlize Theron was recently on the February 2012 cover of W magazine.  If these photos don't make you fall in love with her, then I don't know what will.  Envious much?

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